Is riding an electric skateboard easier?

If you haven’t ridden an electric skateboard before, then you may not know what an amazing experience that it. But seriously, the manner the board glides across the street is like it is floating in the air. But, the question here is, “is it easier to ride an electric skateboard?”

Well, the answer is yes… pretty easy. Getting on the board and balancing may need some initial practice, but the truth is, riding an electric skateboard is just as normal as using as non-electric one.

The only difference is that it is powered through a motor managed by a remote. Hence, you don’t have to push the ground to move ahead.

Can you learn riding on an electric skateboard?

Yes, it is simple and easy to learn. Even if you are an athletic person, you will easily learn riding it. There are two major ways to control your skateboard.

  • Remote

The remote connects to your board through Bluetooth and helps it move forward, vary speed and stop.

  • Manually

If you are on the board and you can balance your body weight and control the direction of the board, you can easily ride it.

Electric boards are pretty simple to ride. Flexible decks offer better handling and turning and enhanced weight distribution. Electric longboards can easily manage bumps of rugged terrain.

Things to consider when riding an electric skateboard

While electric skateboards are simple to ride, it is important that you learn all the dos and don’ts before riding it. The first thing that you have to do is learn to stand on it. If your footing isn’t right, you will feel awkward riding it.

When standing on the board, keep your right foot in the front. Then your front foot is one the board keep your left foot back. Now that you are standing on the board, make yourself comfortable. Adjust your right foot at an angle of 45 degrees on the board.

Make sure you put most of your body weight on the front. Too much weight on the back will make it difficult to turn. If you have acquired the right position, you will get comfortable.


While riding, a lot of learners face issue with balancing. If you have had balancing issues, slow down by gradually pulling back through the remote. Adjust your feet at a lower speed, stop and then remount. Gradually, your balance will get better. The reason people have balancing issues is because their ankles and legs haven’t experienced riding a board stress before.


Beginners should start with a low speed. And, as they gradually learn, they can increase the speed. The tough part isn’t the speed, it is the braking.

The brakes of a skateboard work like any other vehicle. So, if you are at a speed of 50 mph and you don’t use the brakes right, you will see yourself flying forward (because skateboards don’t have seatbelts).

So, braking an electric skateboard should be slow so that you first decelerate and then come to a stop.

Lastly, make sure you take all the safety precautions when learning an electric skateboard. There are several electric skateboards listed on Chinasaleonline. Check out the one you like and place your order now.

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