Four SEO certifications to consider in 2021

Earning a google SEO certification is an excellent way to enhance your online marketing skills, increase your marketing knowledge, and learn new techniques. 

It can be tricky to figure out which SEO certification program is right for you when you’re interested in learning search engine optimization through an online SEO course and earning a certificate that validates your accomplishment (both for yourself and for potential employers).

We have compiled a list of the four most useful and reputable SEO courses that you should consider taking in 2021 to help you get started. Read in details google SEO certified experts.

In 2021, you should consider these 4 SEO certifications

HubSpot Academy

Brief overview: Hubspot’s SEO course consists of 15 videos divided into three lessons. You will have an hour-long overview of the content, and two quizzes will test your knowledge.

Features & Benefits: Hubspot’s SEO training course covers topics such as how to develop an SEO strategy, how to scale up on your link-building efforts, how to build authority and select content topics, and how to use blogging to improve your Google rankings. Besides the Content Marketing certification, HubSpot also offers Inbound Marketing certification.

Cost & Value: Free is a pretty good price for this SEO course. There isn’t too much course material and you’ll likely have more questions than answers. Nevertheless, you’ll get a decent overview of SEO and an introduction to high-level concepts.

Certificate for Moz SEO Essentials 

Brief overview: Six video modules are included in this SEO course, giving you a total of over 6 hours of content. For the Moz SEO Essentials Certificate, students will spend around 8 hours viewing the course materials and completing five exams.

These are the key features and selling points of the product: During this course, students will learn the essentials of SEO and learn how to run campaigns on their own. Modules will cover the fundamentals of SEO, how to develop keyword strategies, how to optimize web pages for search engines, how to build and report links effectively using Google Analytics, and more.

Value & Price: A $595 registration fee is required to earn your SEO Essentials Certificate. There are just six hours of course content, so the course itself is of less value than the Moz name and reputation. 

Directive Institute

Brief overview: Marketing beginners looking to expand their skillset for online marketing can learn from Direct Institute’s courses on digital marketing. 

These are the key features and selling points of the product: The Directive Institute’s SEO courses were created after realizing that there were lots of online courses on SEO, but most of them emphasized high-level theoretical concepts and did not provide enough opportunities for students to practice and apply their skills. 

As a result, Directive Institute’s SEO course combines theoretical instruction with practical exercises to provide students with real-life marketing skills and knowledge. With ten modules of instruction, this SEO course provides hours of instruction to help both beginners and experienced marketers improve their SEO results.

Prices and Value: At Directive Institute, all course materials are accessible for a one-time $99 enrollment fee across four modules – SEO, PPC, CRO, and Data Analytics & Optimization. 

Google Digital Garage

Brief overview: “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” offered by Google Digital Garage comprises 26 modules and over 40 hours of course content.

These are the key features and selling points of the product: Designed for beginners, this course covers an array of digital marketing strategies and concepts without going into too much detail on any one. Website design and online business strategies, organic and paid search, local search, social media, mobile marketing, content marketing, display advertising, analytics, and e-commerce are presented.

Affordability & Value: 

There is no charge for this course! Despite Digital Garage’s great value and high-quality content for beginners, more experienced practitioners should find a course with a narrower focus and methods that are tailored specifically for SEO.


I appreciate you taking the time to review our list of the top four SEO certifications today! 

In 2021, we hope you will find this list helpful in identifying the most informative and best-value SEO training courses for improving SEO skills, capturing more organic traffic, and improving your online marketing results. Also read Dream design property.

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