5 Effective Guides to Remove Pet Hair from Upholstery


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The main reason for using upholstery furniture is that it provides you with an aesthetic appeal. While most people do not prefer keeping pets at their homes, there are many who have to try this attempt assuming that the dog will only be staying inside the house. However, they fail to understand that what looks clean and nice initially can be a major headache after some time.

While cleaning the soft furnishings might not be something very difficult or time-consuming, but, removing pet hair from them frequently would definitely make it look worse over time if not done in proper way. This is why; here are 5 effective upholstery cleaning Perth tips which you can follow for getting rid of hair from your upholstery without any problem:

1. First things first! A vacuum cleaner will be your best friend for this job

The very first thing that you should do is to make use of your vacuum cleaner. This is the only sure shot method for removing pet hair from upholstery because each and every strand of fur would be captured by it. However, if there are small children in your home then keep the vacuum cleaner beyond their reach as there can be chances that they end up hurting themselves with all its sharp ends. Also, clean the vacuum cleaner after doing the task so that no hair gets stuck inside it at all.

2. The easiest yet effective guide

If you want to remove pet hair from your soft furnishings without any hassle then follow this simple step:

Take a few ice cubes and place them in a single layer on the furry surface.

Wait for sometime and you will see that all the fur would have been collected together due to the moisture from ice cubes. Thus, once it is done, you can easily remove them with your fingers!

3. The quick guide through a lint roller

This is another easy method of getting hair off of any upholstery material without having to struggle too much. You just have to take a lint roller and run it across the fabric which will help you collect all the loose hairs stuck within it. However, try not to press too hard as this might cause some damage to textiles as well as leave behind fine fibers from your cloth or perhaps even from tape’s adhesive backing.

4. The use of steam

Make use of a steamer if you are looking for an effective method for removing pet hair from the furniture. This is because all the fur would get melted within few minutes due to heat produced by steam. Thus, when it comes in contact with your upholstery, they would either get left behind or absorbed into water as these fine particles cannot be seen easily on once textiles. Also, make sure that you use only distilled water as this will provide complete safety to your cloth and even prevent any damages like discoloration etc

5. Using dryer sheets as well as sticky tapes

This is yet another method which can help you collect all those loose hairs stuck onto your upholstery. All you have to do is, take a dryer sheet and place it on your cloth. Then pat with a hand all around this sheet as well as the one section where you have placed its end. In this way, you can easily gather those hairs from your furniture without making any mess at all!

In addition to that, if you want then use sticky tapes as well for getting rid of pet hair from your upholstery because these would help make a much cleaner job than a dryer sheet alone. However, make sure that you buy those which are specially meant for cleaning purpose so that there is no damage caused to textiles due to their adhesive backing.

So now that we have shared few effective upholstery cleaning Hobart guides through which you can remove pet hair from your upholstery without any problem, hopefully you would be able to take care of it. Also, don’t forget that regular cleaning is also mandatory if you are living with pets at home as this would help keep everything clean and hygienic for your loved ones!

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