10 Real Estate Video Ideas That Will Help Build Your Brand

10 Real Estate Video Ideas That Will Help Build Your Brand

A real estate video can make or break your brand and get buyers clicking away in seconds. These days photos alone aren’t enough to build an audience, and customers want the content to be more personalized. A video can give a complete walkthrough of the property and make buyers feel more connected.

For example, you can cheat by taking photos and making the room look 20 feet bigger, but you can’t do that with videos. Top-notch realtors focus on creating high-quality videos and ensure their listings rank at the top of search engine results pages for best results.

Real estate videos are an excellent way to stand out from your competitors and show that you’re professional about your business.

Real Estate Video Marketing Statistics

Research shows that video marketers get up to 66% more qualified leads every year than those who don’t produce any videos. Videos promoted a 56% increase in brand awareness, and marketers who made videos found they made more sales each year. Over 50% of buyers find homes online, and 84% of buyers reported finding information for home buying and research through online portals.

These statistics show the importance of real estate videos and are staggering numbers that cannot be ignored.

10 Real Estate Video Ideas To Help Grow Your Brand

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with real estate video ideas since there are many creative options. You can take inspiration from popular real estate marketing videos or use video templates to speed up the process.

We’ve broken down the popular types of real estate video ideas that help grow your brand below.

1. Property Listing Videos

A property listing video uses a combination of photos, voiceovers, and text to tell the property’s story and gently introduce viewers into the neighborhood. You can use customizable templates to get started and don’t have to make these from scratch. Just make sure you have the photos and video recordings of the property in place.

2. Realtor “About Me” Video

If you’re a realtor or agent, you can attract more clients by making an introductory video about yourself. You can introduce your business and add personality to your name. Use headshots, and don’t forget to mention any accolades or awards you have received for selling your properties over the years.

3. Client Testimonial Videos

Have happy clients? Help them grow your brand by asking for testimonials. Make a video compilation of them and post it across your social media channels. A client testimonial video is a great way to show your track record for selling properties and prove you are trustworthy to potential prospects.

If you don’t have a lot of video footage, you can ask your clients to post written reviews on your business pages and showcase these in your videos.

4. “Just Sold” Videos

Want to garner excitement for your upcoming sales and show new clients what you’ve been up to? You can feature “just sold” videos on your pages and demonstrate the types of properties you’ve sold so far. It’s a great way to show that you can sell homes, and you can repurpose your original property listings for this by adding the “just sold” text and republishing it.

5. Real Estate Explainer Videos

You can make videos about the real estate industry and explain common terminology to clients. These videos are not about selling your properties but educating clients about what they should be aware of before approaching realtors. It will also show that you know your stuff when it comes to homes and proves you are genuine since you’re trying to make money by selling.

6. Real Estate Tips Video

A real estate tips video is a bit different from an explainer video. Here, you can instruct your viewers to sell a property, take photos/videos, and stage the neighborhood. You can also include tips for finding the right home and signs one wants to watch out for, which are considered red flags before buying. Covering information about relevant documentation and checks to ensure genuine listings can be included in these.

7. Community Videos

Community videos are a great way to get involved with the real estate market. You can showcase event recaps, highlight upcoming events, and share your involvement in them by sharing across social media pages. People will notice and be likely to sign up for these events.

8. Social Media Trailer

You can make a short trailer about your brand for your social media pages and show how people interact with your business. A social media trailer can generate excitement and show clients that people are reaching out to you. It’s pretty simple and effective. You can use video editing software like InVideo, Filmora, or iMovie.

9. Voice Over Property Listings

These are videos that simply include voiceovers on top of your property photos/videos. You can even make slideshows and add them to your videos. The only rule of thumb is to highlight your content since visuals go with the narration.

10. School Videos

As you know that there are a lot of families interested in buying properties these days. School videos make it easy for potential buyers to decide whether they want to stay in that area or not. You can use school promo templates for this and pick quality music.


Now that you have an overall idea of how to go about producing real estate videos for your businesses, it’s time to get started. Remember to invest enough time and quality into the production since visuals speak louder than words. Get good cameras, video editing software, and equipment for filming these videos. For best results, you can work with a real estate video editor to help grow your brand and make solid beginnings online. Once you establish a name for yourself, you won’t have trouble attracting future clients.





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